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Road GrittersHow do we decide when to grit?
We monitor the weather conditions & forecasts using a variety of information sources. A decision to commence operation is based on the forecast and predicted temperatures for a given area, especially road surface temperatures, as they can be up to 5 -7 degrees lower than air temperature!

When do we start gritting?
Salt is ideally spread before roads become icy or snow starts to fall.. This is known as precautionary salting. After a sub zero temperature has been forecast we spread the salt ideally in advance of the temperature fall and freezing conditions.
Prevention of ice formation is far better practice than treating already formed ice/fallen snow.

How much salt do we use?
The recommended guidelines are to spread approximately 10-15gms/m2 for precautionary salting and 20-40gms/m2 during ice and snow conditions. Although of course this may differ, as we evaluate each visit on a needs basis. 

How does the salt work?
The Salt works by lowering the freezing point of moisture on the surface. Salt can stop ice forming and cause existing ice or snow to melt. However, salt doesn’t work instantly; it needs to be ground down by pedestrian/vehicular traffic in order for it to be activated. Please note this process will take far longer on pedestrian areas than on roads, which is why we endeavour to help the process by using specialist hand tools & spreaders. When the surfaces are dry there may be a white appearance caused by the salt, this will soon disappear. Any residual salt will itself attract moisture and can give the surface a damp appearance, this again is perfectly normal and the salt should prevent the moisture from freezing.

After gritting will our surfaces be 100% safe?
There is no such thing as an absolutely safe surface, although we will do our absolute best to minimize the risk!

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